Sunday 4 October 2020

حملة #معاً_نحميهم

مع تزايد عدد حالات العنف ضد الأطفال في جميع أنحاء العراق كمجتمع نحن بحاجة ماسة للعمل معًا لإنهاء هذه الظاهرة. للأطفال الحق في الحماية ويجب علينا جميعا العمل لضمان سلامة الأطفال وحمايتهم في جميع الأوقات.
Tuesday 1 September 2020

Interview with Dr Ishtiaq Mannan -Save the Children Iraq Country Director.


    The 2030 ambition of Save the Children is to ensure that every child survives, learns and is protected. 

Monday 26 August 2019

Little heroes and their journeys in finding strength

by Zinah Mohammed, Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator in the Iraq Country Office .

Monday 19 August 2019

Iraq Celebrates 100 Years of Save the Children

2019 is a special year for Save the Children movement – as we mark 100 years since Save the Children was founded!

Thursday 2 July 2015

Small Hands, Heavy Burden

How the Syria Conflict is Driving More Children into the Workforce. See joint report released by Save the Children and UNICEF.