Syrian Refugee Response

Sammy*, Syrian Refugee, Iraq





*253,371 Syrian refugees (79,284 households) are now registered in Iraq, of which around 43% are children (UNHCR Last Updated 30 April 2019) *94,586 people live in camps which is 37% of the total number of Syrian refugees.



Dohuk team has been constantly conducting protection and education activities in camp and host community settings. The team has continually provided awareness-raising activities, youth resilience sessions to children, as well as providing positive discipline sessions for parents. This is also along with the continued support and engagement to formed child clubs, CP committees and parents' group. In total: 286 children (96 girls and 190 boys), have continued their meetings and community activities through children clubs. 29 persons (15 women and 14 men) were provided with awareness sessions on harassment and provided with training for Child Protection Committee. 227 children (110 girls, 117 boys) have received specialized support through case management service.



Child Protection activities focus mainly on case management (CM), capacity building, structured PSS activities, communitybased child protection through Child Protection Committees (CPC), and Child & Youth clubs. Main achievements for the reporting period were; contextualizing & testing CPIMS+ per the CM procedures in Iraq & staff were trained on it. A total of 23 PSS facilitators and CPC trained on GE. A total number of 252 (138 girls & 114 boys) received specialized support through CM & more.



Education activities in Dohuk focused on the provision of ECCD, support for formal and non-formal education for children. Main achievements: rehabilitation of 12 schools and 3 ECCD centers. 400 students (200 girls and 200 boys) participated in storytelling/community action activities. 69 newly children registered ECCD program. 34 teachers were trained on HEART program. 10 Safe Schools Committees have been established in 10 schools of refugees and they design Risk Reduction Mapping and Planning.