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1 May 2021 - News

Safe School Reopening


COVID-19 in Iraq has influenced education continuation, with different actors and respective Ministries (Federal Iraq and KRG) resorting to remote approaches to education continues throughout the country. During the school closure, MoEs announced schools re-opening but the risk associated with the spread of the disease delayed the decision-making. However, MoE did reopen the schools but for only specific grades; whereas for Federal Iraq, one day/ week policy was implemented. Save the Children, also followed safety and school re-opening protocols set forth by MoEs. This guidance document is a tool for programme teams to plan and implement a safe school reopening plan. This guidance is a live document and will be modified and adapted to fit the SoPs set forth by MoEs. The guidance has the following sub-sections to help field teams understand the process of school re-opening. Read it in full.